New Year’s Eve is one of the favourite celebration days for many people. Many people spend New Year’s Eve at a party or at home with the family. There are also some interesting facts about this celebration. The Babylonians celebrated the first New Year about 4000 years ago. Today, some cultures celebrate this day in very unusual ways. For example, many Italians wear red underwear on New Year’s Day because they believe it will bring them good luck for the rest of the year. And in Venezuela, people wear yellow underwear. In Denmark, some people break plates on their neighbours’ door at midnight. In in Belarus, unmarried women play an unusual game on New Year’s Eve. They hide things in their houses, and the other women have to find them. A woman who finds a ring will marry a handsome man; a woman who finds bread will marry a rich man. And in the Philippines, many people wear clothes with circles on them because they believe they will have more money in the future.

source: linguahouse

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